About Us

Established in 1966, Frankston & District Netball Association is long estabalished, non-for-profit organisation providing access to the sport of netball across Frankston and the surrounding area. The organisation’s core function is to identify and meet the needs of netball players, coaches, umpires, administrators and clubs and enhance participation experiences to encourage active participation.

Frankston & District Netball Association (FDNA) offers both indoor and outdoor facilities to its members and participants. With 13 Synpave* high performance outdoor courts, 10 with lighting for evening time competitions and training and two indoor stadium courts marked exclusively for netball.

FDNA hosts 12 clubs in its Saturday Winter competition with over 200 teams participating, ensuring the level of competition remains healthy and continues to prosper in our region. In addition to our outdoor competition, FDNA hosts evening competitions in our indoor stadium each evening excluding Saturday. FDNA cater for a range of standards, including highly competitive, social, mixed, Net Set Go through to Walking Netball.

Our Mission

To enrich our community through the sport of netball.

Our Vision

More people engaged in netball more often through a diverse range of opportunities.

Our Values

F – Fun / Friendships / Fitness
D – Diversity and Development
N – Nurturing
A – All-inclusive, Advanced and Accountable

Annual Report

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Board of Management

FDNA’s Board of Management and professional staff are supported by a solid volunteer network that ensures its members have access to a variety of competitions, programs and services.

Corinna Harvey


Dennis Prendergast

Vice President

Melissa Kingston


Cassi Smith


Damien Pepper

General Board Member

Vicki Martin

General Board Member

FDNA Staff

Miranda Castles

Operations Manager
Youth Mental Health First Aider

Rebecca Graham

Marketing Manager

Raeleen Darcy

Umpire Coordinator
Member Protection Officer
Youth Mental Health First Aider

Sharen Reygers

Venue Supervisor

Emily Myszka

Evening Supervisor

Kelsey Weymouth

Evening Supervisor

Jeanette Eastland

Saturday Umpire Coordinator

Anne Westmoreland

Saturday Operations Supervisor

Kelly Andrews

Peninsula Waves Administrator
Youth Mental Health First Aider

Community Strengthening Committee

Corinna Harvey

Matthew Haanappel OAM

Miah Mason

Jill Hunter

Miranda Castles

Life Members

Ailsa Kenney
Barbara Bond
Barbara Hamilton
Barbara Spark
Betty Harris (dec)

Biddy Leuhman (dec)
Connie Castles
Faye Muter
Joan Deverill
Joan Payne (dec)

Joy Bolam (dec)
Kristine Cockhead
Lesley Chaplin
Lorraine Horton (dec)
Lynette Luca (dec)

Margaret O’Kelly
Margaret Osborne (dec)
Margaret Page
Marie Pink
Sharon Iacovou

Shirley May (dec)
Shirley McMurray (dec)
Vivienne Sargent (dec)
Jillian Hunter

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